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Linear / Flange slide bearing

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Linear / Flange slide bearing With a short cylindrical roller bearings, tapered or drum-shaped roller for rolling element bearing. Roller bearings are mainly radial cylindrical roller, double row spherical roller, tapered roller and thrust roller and structure type. 1. radial cylindrical roller bearings: rolling a length to diameter ratio of less than 2.5 cylinder. Linear / Flange slide bearing 2. Double row radial spherical roller bearings: rolling spherical roller. Midpoint bearing outer ring raceway is spherical center, inside and outside the ring axis deflection when large (1 ° ~ 2.5 °), but also can withstand a small amount of axial load. 3. tapered roller bearings: rolling body is conical rollers. Carrying capacity than ball bearings big, Linear / Flange slide bearing it could also be a radial load and axial load. Contact angle between 11 ° ~ 26 °. Double row type can withstand axial load in both directions. 4. thrust roller bearings: mainly used to bear axial load carrying capacity.

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